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Watson Tia Collection - Balance in Motion.

Tia thoughtfully integrates adjustment in a refined furniture collection designed for private office and collaborative meeting spaces. A graceful powered lifting column supports worksurfaces with ease while Tia's modular office components express a sublime simplicity in form and function. The curated palette of materials, all sustainably focused, harmonize the Tia Collection across the workplace and offer ample inspiration to delight the senses.

Tia Office - Tia thoughtfully integrates height-adjustability in the private office, team meeting, and conference spaces. Unlike traditional casegoods, the Tia Collection provides an adaptive platform that can quickly flex between individual and group work seamlessly integrating adjustability, technology, and aesthetics from private offices to meeting spaces.

Tia Team - Tia Team meeting tables bring height-adjustability and technology to the dynamic flow of collaborative work and dispersed teams. The dynamic nature of work means that spaces and furniture are more agile. The meeting room may support a project team one instant and become a getaway space for focused work the next. Nothing is static as activities move us from sitting to standing across the workday.

Tia Conference - Long overdue, the new conference room is energized by height adjustment. The formal spaces where we meet our clients or make the big decisions are increasingly transparent to the organization. Glass walled enclosures show employees how work happens in an agile organization. Tia moves gracefully at the pace of people, while exuding a design aesthetic just right for high visibility spaces.

At Watson, we recognize the need for furniture to support both interaction and private contemplation. There must be balance in motion to create spaces that respond to the way we work today.

Our Office Design and Space Planning Specialists can help you configure a Tia workspace to best fit your and your team's needs. Give us a call at 877-878-8770

Watson Tia Office Collection

Tia integrates height-adjustable desks in the private office, and in tables for team meeting spaces.

Watson Tia Height-Adjustable Private Office

The design of Tia was inspired by the principles of balance and symmetry; how one strong element can support another when perfectly poised.

Watson Tia Sitting and Standing Desks

Tia Office is designed to seamlessly switch between tasks, from sitting to standing, at the touch of a button.

Watson Tia Desks for Collaborative Meetings

Tia can easily turn a private office into a collaborative meeting space - from compact to large spaces.

Watson Tia Team Table

Height-adjustable Tia Team allows you to use stools for more casual meeting.

Watson Tia Tables for Team Collaboration

Tia Team Table allows you to do have standing meetings on the fly.

Watson Tia Height-Adjustable Meeting Table

Meetings are more flexible with a height adjustable conference table.

Watson Tia Adjustable Team Tables

Height-adjustable Tia Conference Table makes casual meetings easy.

Watson Tia Meeting Tables