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Sit-To-Stand Desks - VariTask LT Series Height-Adjustable Workstations

When it comes to adjustable computer workstations, sit-to-stand desks, and height adjustable technical benches, Mayline has set the standard for innovation. The VariTask Adjustable Workstation was built out of the concept that workstations should be able to adjust to meet individual ergonomic needs - whether sitting or standing. The VariTask height adjustable computer desk technology, pioneered by the Mayline Company more than thirty years ago, provides work surfaces, even keyboard surfaces, that can be adjusted for height and angle. Today, VariTask Adjustable Workstations are offered in a wide range of sizes, styles and configurations to complement the most widely used office furniture systems.

Hands down, VariTask LT provides sit-to-stand adjustment at a cost any organization, large or small, can now afford. Whether itÍs a new installation or retrofitting a current system, VariTask LT is the most cost effective solution on the market today. When considering all the benefits of height adjustability, whether itÍs healthier employees, increased productivity or trying to accommodate a diverse workforce, VariTask LT is the clear choice.

VariTask LT Product Specifications

  • Base Structure:
    All-steel, welded construction consisting of 14-gauge legs and rigid 12-gauge base spreader and structural 11-guage base support. 10-gauge top support is integrally welded to center steel lift column assembly. An extruded aluminum column with nylon glide provides actuator drive support. Adjustable column assembles to base assembly and aluminum support using eight bolts to allow for disassembled shipment via UPS (52 lbs.)
  • Drive System: Electric 110 volt 60Hz AC Input, 12V DC motor. No hydraulics, belts, weights or pulleys. System draws only 1.6 amps under full load. Capable of lifting 120 lbs. gross weight. Motor drives a steeel Acme thread, linear actuator with ear reduction. All components are U.L. recognized. Tested to 25,000 cycles without failure.
  • Glide System: Nylon glide system maximizes stability and smooth movement throughout travel range. No additional adjustment required throughout life cycle.
  • Travel Range: 16.5" of vertical travel provides a working height range from 25" to 41-1/2". Travel 13 seconds. Base is infinitely adjustable or can be set to three (3) programmable positions of your choice. Three position programmable memory switch is standard on this product.
  • Work Surfaces: Standard surfaces are either 1î thermally fused melamine or 1-1/8î high-pressure laminate on 1î or 1-1/8î, respectively, medium density particleboard core. Flexible PVC T-molding is standard edge treatment. Post-formed edge optional on laminate work surfaces. Rectangular or corner configurations are available in either single or dual surface. Numerous color finishes available to choose from.
  • Paint Finish: High solids polyester paint is 1.5 mil thick and baked at oven temperature of 300Á F for a durable finish. Prior to painting, all components are cleaned via three-stage washer / sealer system.
  • Keyboard Mechanism (optional): Optional Data Center keyboard mechanism attaches to monitor surface to provide height adjustment 8" below to 7" above monitor surface. Full range of keyboard is 17" to 48 1/2". Articulating mechanism also offers +15 degree to -15 degree tilt on the keyboard. Functional load is 100 lbs.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship for both base and worksurface. Electro-mechanical components have ten (10) year warranty. See warranty for specific details and limitations.
  • Certification: Meets and exceeds appropriate ANSI/BIFMA x5.5-1998 Standard

Lost productivity and workersÍ compensation costs due to work related injuries have quadrupled over the last twenty years, yet most work environments remain unchanged.

Although important, providing a sustainable work environment needs to go beyond environmental issues and meeting furniture emission standards. This is only part of an employerÍs obligation. To be truly sustainable, employers must also strive to provide a work environment that does no harm to the user. VariTask achieves just that by allowing workers to alternate positions throughout the day making them more comfortable, more energetic and more productive. ItÍs time for work environments to change and VariTask LT is the most cost effective solution to true sustainability.