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Watson Bahn Open Design Office Furniture - Simple & Flexible

Bahn is a furniture system designed for dynamic office environments that promote heads down focus and team interaction. The simple kit of parts includes electrically adjustable work surfaces, functional storage and panel-free power delivery. A relaxed and purposeful design language brings the comforts of home to the office with beautiful, sustainable and highly durable materials. Bahn's integrated approach to power delivery, height adjustable surfaces and storage cabinets deliver economy and flexibility to the open plan.

  • Raceway - The Raceway delivers power, data and cable management to open plan workstations. The horizontal profile provides an elevated cable channel for height-adjustable workstations.
  • Desks - For a cohesive appearance across open plan environments, Bahn Tables in fixed, adjustable and post leg bases are all designed to incorporate BahnÍs triangular profile. Innovative top shapes and smart dimensional logic match the demands of the twenty-first century workplace.
  • Screens - Bahn Screens define boundaries between work settings. The softened geometry of the screen evokes a sense of comfort. Pair multiple screen styles to add visual interest and function to your Bahn landscape.
  • Storage - Bahn includes a family of multi-functional credenzas and cabinets that provide personal or communal storage for open office environments.Add Bahn's freestanding Aisle Credenzas, Lockers and Side Towers to round out your open office plan. Bahn's storage pieces work in concert and provide ample concealed and secure storage for work and personal gear.
  • Workbench - The Workbench creates an efficient workstation that delivers power, data and user adjustability in one product. The integrated design includes advanced cable management and increased cost efficiency for active and beautiful office environments.
Watson Bahn Open Office Design

Bahn electric-adjustable Tables with power Raceway, Screens and Raceway Storage credenzas.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design

Bahn adjustable Workbench with integrated power, privacy and mobile Trolleys.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design

Watson Bahn Raceway with electric-adjustable Tables and Side Towers.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design
Bahn Side Tower is ideal for adjustable workstations.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design
Bahn freestanding Lockers with digital lock option.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design
Bahn Verve Tables with Spine Screens, Desk-mounted Screens and freestanding Aisle Storage.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design
Bahn power, voice and data Raceway.

Watson Bahn Open Office Design
Bahn Raceway heavy power option.

Watson Wire & Cable Management
Bahn power, voice and data Raceway with cable connector for adjustable tables.