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Mayline Mobile 1000»

Mobile 1000» Mobile 1000 puts storage components on a sliding track _ and saves up to 50% of your valuable real estate in the process. Simply roll storage banks along the track to access a specific location. You can equip Mobile 1000 with cabinets, shelves, file drawers and more _ you can even use competitive storage components. You can also mobilize your existing lateral files. Best of all, Mobile 1000 is modular and reconfigurable, so itÍs easy to expand and relocate.

Easy to move _ 1 lb. of effort rolls 10,000 lbs. back and forth along tracks. Increases filing capacity by up to 75% compared to the same footprint of conventional filing. Can be installed around obstructions, atop raised floors and on floors above ground level. Tracks can be located in 6" increments for greater flexibility in distributing weight loads. Rear-track flush-mount option positions system close to walls. Magnetic decorative panels bring fabric and laminate elements to your filing system. ADA/Cart Incline Ramp