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Improve Your Productivity - Recommended Desk and Work Surface

To improve your productivity at the office look for a well designed and appropriately adjusted desk and work surface. Make sure the height and width of your desk give adequate space for your legs and allows convenient placement of computer components and accessories. You want to minimize all awkward postures and exertions while sitting at your workstation.The installation, setup, and configuration of a comfortable and productive workstation involves the following considerations:
  • Desk surface should allow you to place the monitor directly in front of you.
  • The monitor should be at least 20 inches away.
  • Avoid storing items, such as a CPU, under desks.
  • Desks should be able to accommodate a variety of working postures.
  • The location of frequently-used devices (keyboard, phone, and mouse) should remain within the repetitive access (primary work zone).
Recommended zones for workplace components

Ergonomic Workstation