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Mayline File Harbor System

The File Harbor cabinet is the most unique and universal file cabinet on the market, solving your office storage problems once and for all. The key to the File Harbor's appearance, security and function is the locking tambour door. When opened, the entire contents are fully exposed and easily accessed. Significant cost reductions can be achieved when File Harbor cabinets are utilized in individual workstations, providing privacy between users and flexible, high density file storage.

Put more files in the same space or the same files in less space. Cost reduction can be significant when workstation filing and storage are centralized in the File Harbor Cabinets. These file cabinets feature unique horizontally-receding tambour doors which simply glide into the sides of the file cabinet, and with no drawers or doors protruding into the workstation, expensive floor space can be saved. Space planners gain about five square feet each time a File Harbor Cabinet replaces a 42" wide lateral file. Cabinets are preconfigured for color-coded end-tab filing, and include shelves with adjustable shelf dividers. Available in Pebble Gray.