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TACT Telecom Plate - 1 Opening RJ45 Keystone Jack
Keystone Jack Plate
TACT Telecom Plate - Open Keystone Jack Plate

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Technology Advanced Conference Table - TACT Telecom Plate


Our TACT Telecom Plates deliver voice, data, audio, and video connections to the table top in your conference room, training center, or classroom facility. These Telecom Plates fit all of our ACT power / data modules, ACT conference room tables, and TransAction tables. If this Telecom Plate does not meet your requirements, call our office design specialists to help you customize one for your particular needs.

  • Keystone RJ45 Data Jack Plate with One Opening - Black only


  • All the Data / Phone Jacks in the Telecom Plates are standard punch-down, Keystone-type connections in the back unless otherwise noted (e.g. Inline)
  • Video RCA and USB connectors are Inline (Inline allows connection to the back of the connector without any wiring)
  • Mini Stereo and XLR connectors are solder
It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the use of electrical systems, including the number of receptacles on a given circuit, and connection to building power source, be in compliance with all electrical codes.

Power Module - ACTACT Pop-Up ConceptPower Module - ACT II TT


RJ-45 connectors are a large version of the common RJ-11 telephone plug and socket. Commonly used for computer networks. These connectors are available as both standard punchdown or inline. Punchdown connectors require punching of the wires to a patchcord. Inline allows you to insert a standard patch cord with no wire preparation required. If you are looking for Inline RJ-45 Cat 5e or Cat 6 Data Jack Couplers contact our office design specialists.

Custom Punchdown Version

90 - RJ-45 Allen Tel Cat Ivory
O - RJ-45 Amp Cat 6 Black
30 - RJ-45 Amp Cat 6 Orange
72 - RJ-45 Amp Cat 5 Gray
61 - RJ-45 Avaya Cat 5 Red
N - RJ-45 Avaya Cat 5 Ivory A
P - RJ-45 Avaya Cat 5 Blue A
18 - RJ-45 Avaya Cat 5 White
65 - RJ-45 Avaya Cat 5 Blue
35 - RJ 45 Avaya Cat 6 Black
97 - RJ-45 Avaya Cat 6 Red
46 - RJ-45 Hubbell Cat 5E Black
52 - RJ-45 Leviton Cat 6 White
V - RJ-45 Leviton Cat 6 Red
32 - RJ-45 Leviton Cat 5 Orange
75 - RJ-45 Leviton Cat 6
C24 - RJ-45 Leviton Cat 6 Blue
C3 - RJ-45 Nordx cat 6
83 - RJ-45 Ortronics Cat 6 Orange
R - RJ-45 Otronics Dual Cat 6 Blk
64 - RJ-45 Ortronics Cat 6 Black
C29 - RJ-45 Ortronics 10G Black
C30 - RJ-45 Ortronics Cat 6 Blue
C31 - RJ-45 Ortronics Cat 6 White
44 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 5E Off White
48 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Yellow
55 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 5E Red
89 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Ivory Key
40 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 5E Ivory
Q - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Black
74 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Black Key
94 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Blue
95 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Elec Ivory

44 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 5E Off White
48 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Yellow
55 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 5E Red
89 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Ivory Key
40 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 5E Ivory
Q - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Black
74 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Black Key
94 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Blue
95 - RJ-45 Panduit Cat 6 Elec Ivory
Y - RJ-45 RIT Cat 6 Blk
39 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Coupler
58 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Ang White
59 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 White
60 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Gray
B - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Black
E - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 5E Black
F - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Ivory
M - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Red
S - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 5E Shielded
28 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Blue
29 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Orange
81 - RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Yellow
C5 - RJ-45 Siemon 10G Black
2 - RJ-45 SMP Cat 5E Orange
34 - RJ-45 SMP Cat 6 Orange
C34 - RJ-45 SMP Cat 5E Blk
96 - RJ-45 w/Retractable Cord*
C35 - RJ-45 Molex Cat 6 Black
C36 Cat 7 Tera Siemon

Custom Inline RJ-45 Data Jacks:

73 - RJ-45 Allen Tel Inline Cat 5E
87 - RJ-45 Amp Inline Cat 3
C38 - RJ-45 Inline Cat 6 Keystone

Data Jack

Punch Down RJ-45 Connector

Belkin Inline Coupler RJ-45F to RJ-45F

Inline RJ-45 Connector

Cat 5e

Category 5e (Cat5e) has enhanced the Cat5 cable version with bandwidth of 350 Mhz. In all instances Cat5e cable can replace Cat5 cable. Cat5e enhanced network connections to work at 1000 Mbps, or gigabit Ethernet. With respect to Crosstalk, a term used to describe the occurrence of signal interference between cables, the Cat5e enhancements in comparison to the standard Cat5 greatly reduced the signal interference loss. Cat5e cable is ideal for users of gigabit Ethernet looking to maximize their connection and data speeds.

Cat 6

Category 6 cable (Cat6) is very similar to Cat5e cable and is often used for LAN, Ethernet, and similar data connections. Like Cat5e, Cat6 cable can serve many telecommunications applications. It works with phone and video signals and may be used in place of Cat5e cable. Cat6 cable has 23AWG (or American wire gauge) wires, which implies that the wires inside the cable are thinner than the 2AWG used in Cat5 cable and the Cat6 cable has better insulation. Like Cat5 and Cat5e, Cat6 cable works best at less than 100 meters in length. Cat6 cable supports bandwidth of 250 Mhz and so is greater than Cat5 but not quite up to what Cat5e provides.

The decision to use Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable will ultimately depend on the application. For most home Internet connections, as long as the distance between the devices is less than 100 meters (about 330 feet), any of these cables will work but Cat5e or Cat6 will offer faster Internet speeds. If your Internet is primarily Wi-Fi, the cable used for the basic connections can be any of these. There is also a price factor that can be the underlying decision-maker: Cat6 cable is slightly more expensive than Cat5 or Cat5e.

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