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X5 Space-Saving Sliding Storage System

The new X5 movable shelving system on tracks will help businesses of all kinds maximize the use of their storage space. One look at X5 is enough to understand its impact on how businesses use floor space. In traditional storage areas, stationary shelving units are placed with aisles between them for access. X5 puts heavy duty shelving on tracks, removing the need for individual aisles and converting that space into usable storage area. One 5-unit system will recover 40% of the floor space; additional units increase that percentage. The more X5 installed, the more space is gained. Another benefit is the flexibility of the system. No permanent mounting of the tracks is required so X5 remains easy to re-position or expand onto. Individual shelving units can also be used as stationary storage or mounted on casters for true "go anywhere" mobility. No tools are required to assemble the system. The shelves can be positioned in 1" increments, so individual users can customize X5 to fit their storage needs. Additional shelves can be ordered for high-density storage of smaller items. The X5 has durable chrome plating over 19 gauge steel posts and a combination of 2, 5, and 7 gauge wire shelves. The wire on the shelves is laid down to run parallel to the depth, not the width an important quality feature that allows each shelf to hold up to 800 lbs and makes unloading easier. The open design allows sprinkler system penetration and maximizes visibility, ventilation and airflow. Users can load and retrieve from all sides of the unit for efficiency. There are 4 lengths, 2 depths, and 2 heights for the shelves, so almost everyone can find a place to use X5 to their advantage. The 18" and 24" deep units can be combined on one set of tracks for the most efficient use of the available square footage.

Revolutionary - Increase your storage space by 40-70% with X5 movable steel shelving system. X5 recovers wasted floor space and turns aisles into more storage area.
Heavy-Duty - Chrome-plated shelves are made of 2, 5, and 7 gauge steel; posts are 19 gauge steel. Each shelf holds up to 800 lbs evenly distributed.
Easy to Use - No tools are required to assemble X5. The tracks are not bolted down, and completely modular. Just lay on a smooth surface and you are ready to go. This makes X5 easy to customize, reposition or expand.
Safe - A "step on/step off" safety brake comes with each roller assembly, allowing users to lock units into place while loading and retrieving.
Patented - The patented X5 system is distributed in the U.S. exclusively by OFM, Inc. Holly Springs, NC & Phoenix, AZ.
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