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Collaborative and Private Seating - Heya Series

In Japanese, Heya means “small room.” Designer Roger Webb created Heya to form smaller spaces within an environment. For individuals, Heya creates a place for people to escape, think, and breathe. For groups, Heya creates a place for people to closely collaborate and connect. Heya’s comfort and visual softness allow these small rooms to blend seamlessly into the office, while still providing the closeness and privacy people need to really focus.

Our interior design specialists and space planning team can help you turn an ordinary reception area or common seating area into a extraordinary collaboration space for your colleagues and clients. Give us a call at 877-878-8770 to get details and pricing for our Heya collaboration and private seating arrangements.

OFS Brands Heya Team & Private Seating

OFS Heya Double Booth Collaboration Arrangement and two Heya Private Lounge Chairs with Full Surround Sides and Canopy

OFS _ Heya Lounge Seating

OFS Heya Triple Bench Seating provide comfortable venues for collaboration

OFS Brands Heya Lounge Chair with Full Privacy Surround, Single Console and Canopy

OFS Brands Heya Lounge Loveseat with Full Surround